Meet your Therapist

Coreen invites you to pause and reflect on your life through various modalities.

Hi, I'm Coreen.

I look forward to meeting you. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Arizona. I completed my Master's degree in Professional Counseling in 2009. I have worked with children, families, and adults with mild to serious emotional needs.

I am trained and currently focus on adult psychotherapy. Only meeting for 1:1 Individual Adult Therapy

I do Not provide family, couples or child counseling.

My goal is to connect with you and work towards finding relief from your current distress.

Your voice will drive our work. Together in a safe and supportive environment we can gain new perspective.

Taking the time to sort through what can feel like an endless tangle of thoughts is not always a priority. I am interested in partnering with you, to explore your priorities, and creatively develop plans for growth to your authentic self.

Through our therapeutic efforts, we can gain perspective and relief from anxiety, impactful life experiences, and emotional challenges. Some of the challenges we may face are feeling the need to be a people pleaser, "imposter syndrome", thinking I am not good enough, or ongoing fear that others will leave, that fear of abandonment. These are real and can really interfere with work, relationships and connection with your own sense of self. Building mindful practices, learning helpful skills from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, resolving negative beliefs from long standing experiences can support connecting with who you truly are.

I do believe that there are times when practice outside of our sessions, staying in action in creative ways is a key in creating sustainable change in our life. If you have questions, please do call, email, or connect.

I enjoy digging deeper with trauma work to allow the brain to engage in some of it's natural healing processes, that have been hindered by lack of feeling safe, or life being too busy to invite or allow healing to happen. We can talk openly and get really curious about where you have been and where you want to be.

Please trust your process. I am here to listen and support your wellness journey. I also understand not all therapists are a good fit; you have options and choices.